Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Handmade in 2012 & a New BLOG!

{{In no specific order}}

Finn's playmat quilt

Quilt made for a friend's new baby. (front)

2 quilts for 2 sisters.

Finn's blanket: crocheted.

Quilt for our little friend Cadence

For the shop...

Quilt for Eli, born in March.

For the shop...

Quilt for another new baby, Jackson, who was born in August.
 for the shop...

 Boots for Finn, also made an identical pair for Baby Maddox.

Kicking bag for Finn.

I didn't have the time or energy to make as many things as other years, but looking back I'm surprised I got this much made.  Here's to a New Year full of fabric and yarn goodness!

If you'd like to continue to follow my crafting adventures you can follow me over on my new blog: Stitching in Striped Socks

It's going to be slow going at first, please bear with me.  I'm planning to focus my new blog on mainly my crafting and keep my personal life more personal for my kids sake.  You may see them appear here and there but the majority will be all things crafty... which has been pretty minimal lately due to a baby in the house and not enough studio time.  But I think somewhere over this year that will change, so if you want to continue to join me be sure to follow along!  This blog will no longer be active in the New Year, thanks for reading!!


Sara said...

I'm on my way to follow over there!!!!

Sara said...

It says I have to be invited...

Stephanie said...

Still working on some issues, I'll update here when they are sorted out.


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