Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf on the shelf...

December 1st we started a new tradition... meet our elf!  Saturday morning Jackson had to give him a name and he was given a fun "countdown to Christmas" craft.  Our elf (Jackson calls him a gnome) is named Marshmallow.  

Dec 2nd....  found swinging on a ball ornament.

Dec 3rd... getting a sugar high on the candy canes!

Dec 4th... hiding away in Finn's new stocking made by our good friends, Katie and Jerome who live in Georgia.   Marshmallow made a pit stop on his way back to our house from the north pole to pick up Finn's stocking.  In Georgia he met Jackson's friend Lydia who drew him a picture, Marshmallow was so kind to bring it for Jackson.  

 20 more elf spottings coming soon...

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