Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lehigh Valley Zoo

My mom was invited along with 4 friends to come to the Lehigh Valley Zoo on Saturday for Cancer survivor day.  I'm happy to say we are on this side of cancer, and that she is in remission.  

We had a nice time and had a free dinner provided by Outback steak house, they also offered either a free wagon ride or paddle boat ride, but the wait time to do either of those were too long unfortunately for us.  But we enjoyed ourselves....

 The wolf's dinner time was quite entertaining, luckily for us Jackson wasn't paying too much attention at this point, not sure what he would have thought if he had realized Mr. wolf was snacking on a deer.


APA said...

What a very nice event to enjoy and celebrate life! Congrats to your mom for her remission. Life is precious and short. We can't let a moment slip away without thought and love.

stitching under oaks said...

so glad you're mom is cancer free! I remember when you posted about her test results. Such a fun day for everyone at the zoo....except the poor deer!


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