Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 years of saving up even the smallest of scraps...

My first postage stamp quilt top.  I honestly have enough scraps to make a King sized one, but that requires quite a lot of tedious cutting and sewing. But I do see possibly a twin size in my future :)   For this quilt I did a bit of fussy cutting, but I knew that it was just going to be a stroller size quilt for the baby.  It may become a wall hanging one day too. And now I'm kind of thinking curtains would be nice to make as well one day!

I picked out some fabric for the back and the binding, and now I'm just waiting their arrival in the mail. Can't wait to see this one finished, I'm very excited about the other fabrics I chose to compliment all these little 2" scraps.  I think this little quilt is going to be one of my favorites!!  At least for this year, haha.


sara's art house said...

Love! I totally adore this quilt! :) :) you are awesome!!!!

angela said...

Wow! It looks awesome. How many little squares would that be for a King?

APA said...

I have quite a few 2" squares (and other sizes) I cut some time back when I was trying to clean up my stash of scraps. You've given me a marvelous idea for a quilt. Thank you! I love how whimsical and scrap happy this quilt top looks! It's beautiful!

And you astound me, the energy you have yet to create as you await your wee one. This is a wonderful time!


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